cat Second Chance HILL science Diet

As a shelter partner, we are exclusively

feeding Hill’s® Science Diet® to all

the animals in our care.


Second Chance gratefully acknowledges current and past assistance received from the following organizations as well as all those individuals too numerous to list but without whose generous support the sanctuary could not continue to operate.
Miller Waste
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HILL science Diet

On June 9 and 18, a team from
PepsiCo Foods Canada

very generously donated their time as part of the
National Volunteer Week
to renovate the decking on another one
of our large outdoor enclosures.
These volunteers also equipped the
renovated enclosure with a cat platform
which the cats love.

Thank you to the coordinators,
Aliesha Cozier & Bob Ozanick,
and the whole team for their great efforts.
The cats are really enjoying the
renovated deck and platform.